Saturday, January 14, 2012

ST. ANCMON of Seleucia

I was recently commissioned to produce an icon of St. Ancmon of Seleucia, an early bishop who was made bishop of Seleucia by St. Paul. The piece was commissioned by a man whose last name is Ancmon, and he requested that I model the icon in part after his brother, now reposed, Fr. Ancmon. I'm delighted to do so.

I began on the piece yesterday. By midday, I had the under-drawing completed. I then set in with the first layer of acrylic wash. This morning, I started in with additional layers of acrylic wash until I had a complete tonal under-painting. I set in with the gold, and now the piece has passed up the original painting on which I worked for months. You can see each of the stages below.

The next step will be to move into oil glazes. The under-drawing and under-painting will continue to show through, but the oil will up the contrast and add color. Once this stage is done, I will seal the entire piece with varnish, and it will be done - finally. In the meantime, enjoy these initial images of St. Ancmon.

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  1. Wonderful Nathan! You are a true artisnal craftsman and have such an evident love for the process and attention to detail. I am so happy that the finish line is almost in sight. The icon will receive a very warm welcome in my home indeed. I am also glad that it is on wood as well. The gravitas of St. Ancmon is shining through and will be an inspiration for me for many many years indeed. Blessing to you for your work in this field.