Saturday, June 9, 2012

Triptych, Step 1

Greetings from Professor Paint!

Now that I have finished myicon of St. Ancmon (left) (see the evolution of the piece here), I’m beginning work on a triptych that was commissioned by Light of Christ AnglicanChurch. As the word "triptych" indicates, the piece will consist of three panels. The panels of this particular triptych will include a creation icon (left panel), a resurrection icon (right panel), and a crucifixion icon (center panel). In addition, when the panels are closed - they'll be hinged to the centerpiece - a fourth icon of Christ the Light Giver will be revealed on the front of the triptych.

My initial focus will be the center panel - the crucifixion. Below is a video that documents my first steps on this centerpiece. You can also see a still image of the current state of the panel below the video window. Be watching for updates in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

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