Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dürer Study

I've been asked to produce an engraving for an upcoming academic volume. In preparation for the work, I've been doing two things (in addition to purchasing the necessary tools, of course). First, I've been practicing drawing (or more accurately, carving) on a copper plate - something I haven't done since college. Second, I have been studying the prints of Albrecht Dürer. 

I spent yesterday reproducing one of his woodcuts line-for-line in ink. The experiment was a master lesson in drawing, to say the least. The results (with which I'm quite pleased) can be seen to the left (click to enlarge).

The study was of enough benefit to me that I plan to work on several more Dürer reproductions in the future, learning as much from him as I can. My hope is to work toward reproducing some of his prints in the proper format, vis-a-vis, engravings or woodcuts. JBU, to my delight, has an art professor (Bob Martin) who has expertise in printmaking. He has agreed to help coach me through the monograph etching. I expect he'll be a wealth of information as I study Durer as well.

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