Saturday, January 14, 2012

ST. ANCMON of Seleucia

I was recently commissioned to produce an icon of St. Ancmon of Seleucia, an early bishop who was made bishop of Seleucia by St. Paul. The piece was commissioned by a man whose last name is Ancmon, and he requested that I model the icon in part after his brother, now reposed, Fr. Ancmon. I'm delighted to do so.

I began on the piece yesterday. By midday, I had the under-drawing completed. I then set in with the first layer of acrylic wash. This morning, I started in with additional layers of acrylic wash until I had a complete tonal under-painting. I set in with the gold, and now the piece has passed up the original painting on which I worked for months. You can see each of the stages below.

The next step will be to move into oil glazes. The under-drawing and under-painting will continue to show through, but the oil will up the contrast and add color. Once this stage is done, I will seal the entire piece with varnish, and it will be done - finally. In the meantime, enjoy these initial images of St. Ancmon.